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Your GodXP Sunday Bulletin #3 | Spiritual Fitness

published11 months ago
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Happy Sunday! I hope you're enjoying these bulletins. Today, Meghan and I have been together for two years. I think yoga is a good metaphor for a relationship. (A lot of ups and downs! kidding.)

Relationships are like yoga because a partner is like a mirror to your psyche. Everything you do, say, and think affects how your partner sees you, which is much of your feedback from the external world. Your inner world directly influences your outer world, and so living with a partner is like the ultimate yoga. I've learned so much about myself from being with Meghan. I knew that I would, and that hasn't made it less challenging, but i'm glad to know I was right about the theory that committing to another person would prove to be the highest form of yoga.

This is my favorite time of year, because it's all pumpkin pies and Christmas movies. I get to see family more often, and for some reason November is always a good time for my business. I'm really excited about the momentum that's been growing around GodXP.

Here's what's in this week's bulletin:

  • New essay: My thoughts on religion today
  • New podcast: Janie Jurkovich, spiritual awakenings
  • New GodXP resources online

Decentralized Religion:

Before the Internet, scriptures were not just a belief system, they were the Law of the land. Scriptures were passed down from ancient ancestors to give context to our consciousness, to help us outline the parameters of our individual and collective being.
I’ve changed my beliefs in life based on several severe encounters with what I believe to be God/Universal Intelligence/Divine Source. Each experience transcended all religious understanding of God, but had unignorable correlations. I’ve communed with God again through kundalini yoga practice, in religious gatherings, and in other magic moments in time.If you have ever had direct contact with God, whether through means of psychedelics, spiritual practices, or near-death experiences, you will inevitably come to the same conclusion that every religion was created by someone who had a similar experience and tried to tell others about it...

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Janie Jurkovich: Spiritual Awakening, Intuitive Development | GodXP Spiritual Fitness Podcast

This week's podcast Janie Jurkovich joined me to talk about her spiritual awakening, developing intuition, writing books to encourage women, and living a life of contribution and fulfillment.

I find it so fascinating to connect with people about God and consciousness expansion. This is what I've been doing since I was a little boy. One of the reasons I do the podcast is because I love talking with people about God. I love talking personal development and life mastery, but there's nothing like sharing thoughts and feelings about our relationship with the cosmos.

One of my childhood heroes is Sid Roth, he's got a show on cable called "It's Supernatural!" I used to watch that show as a kid and dream of being on it someday for missionary heroics. He's like Larry King, but it's all spirituality. I also really admire what guys like Lex Fridman, Aubrey Marcus, and Joe Dispenza are doing. That's my weird amalgamation. I'm definitely modeling their style with the GodXP show.

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"Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how." - Viktor Frankl

That's all, fam. Have a great week and happy rest of your Sunday. Send me a tweet or reply to this email with your thoughts.