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Your GodXP Sunday Bulletin #4 | Spiritual Fitness

published11 months ago
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Happy Sunday! Three things:

  • My Prayer of Peace for You
  • An Essay on The Changing World: "Kids Are Waking Up"
  • A Meditation on Overcoming our Fear of Death

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Prayer of Peace for You

I love you. I want you to be free from worry and stress. I want you to find rest in the LORD GOD. I want you to be free from Fear. Be You.

“Be still in the Lord and KNOW the I AM GOD.” Make stillness, make presence, your first priority always. Make it the only thing - The primary game you are playing. When you are inner-still, the world outside slows down to you.

Stop the work to get. Work to get. Work to get. That’s not getting you anywhere.

Work to give. And then Sit and receive.

Pivot into working to give and sitting with inner stillness, divine presence, and receive the gifts of Life. The real gifts of Life, the spiritual fruit - Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

Receive these spiritual compensations as gifts, they are dues paid to your spiritual mission.

An Essay on The Changing World

I didn’t start reading books until age 23. Apparently every century there’s a rise in great thinkers who use literature to send future civilizations a warning message.
In the 1900s Ayn Rand taught us self-interest can lead us to virtue and altruism.
In the 1800s, Emerson showed us how all of history takes place in every man.
In the 1600s, Descartes and Spinoza gave us the power of reason and rationalisation to overcome our limited knowledge of ourselves and the world.
Our great great grandparents have been trying to warn us.
The realizations we’re having now reflect revolutionary thinking throughout history: You are the solution to your own life’s problems. Now more than ever, life requires us to retool on an individual level. In response to the dawn of decentralization we must become true sovereign individuals.

Read more: "Kids Are Waking Up"

Meditation on Overcoming Your Fear of Death

The answer to life is death. The answer to death is life.

As a unit of Life, Death is my enemy. To overcome such a powerful enemy, I must make him my closest friend.

You are born and then defined by your experience of life. Until you let go of your attachment to its meaning. That's your first death; your spiritual death. If it comes before your physical death, you can redefine your life meaning, and live out your higher purpose in this lifetime.

The meaning of life is Love. Not human love, but eternal Love. We are now as humans, though we are eternal souls. Our job as humans is to remember two things: We are an eternal spirit. As such we are One of the same.

And That Love perpetuates Life. Because of Love, Life perpetuates.

Pain is the precursor to the end of pain; which is death. When life begins, pain begins. That's why we resent life - because life started the pain, and the only true ease is death. Satisfying desire doesn't end pain because existence is pain, and as living beings, we persist. Life insists upon itself regardless of whether we intrepret it as bliss or pain.

We feel pain until our dying breath. In order to overcome pain, we must transcend death. The only way to transcend death is with eternal Life. The only way to access eternal Life is to become a devotee of eternal Love. LOVE BEGETS LIFE. LIFE LOVES LOVE.

Spend the rest of your life as a student of Love. Start by Loving your Self.

May you one day become the Master of Love.

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Parting Thoughts

You will only get the answer to the question you ask.. Ask the right question. The question you ask defines you.

Spirituality isn’t a haven from pain - It is a conscious decision to treat life's pains as means of self-purification.

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"He who is immersed in what concerns person or place cannot see the problem of existence. This the intellect always ponders. Nature shows all things formed and bound. The intellect pierces the form, overleaps the wtall, detects intrinsic likeness between remote things and reduces all things into a few principles."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson